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Fully automatic mobil water-supply and -recycling system

The ideal location of cleaning equipment is in the production hall, somewhere close to the printing machine, so that the operators do not have to carry the different parts (aniloxes, various press parts, plates) too far from the press. The closer you can place your cleaning equipment to the printing machine, the less chance you have to damage the parts and the less time you need for loading and unloading your cleaning machine.

If there is no available water supply and/or drain connection close to your press or close to the place where you want to place your cleaning machine, then the solution is to use FNV Mobil Tank.

FNV Mobil Tank is a closed system, which helps you to supply water for your automatic cleaning machine, to collect the generated waste water and to recycle the water inside the system. The system consists of 2 liquid tanks which are positioned above each other. The upper tank stores the clean water for rinsing and it should be connected to the water inlet of the automatic cleaner by a hose. The lower tank collects the waste water generated by the cleaning equipment and it should be connected to the drain outlet of the automatic cleaning unit with a hose. The system has 1 diaphragm pump which pumps back the generated waste water through a filter to the upper tank. The filter removes most of the contaminations from the waste water, so the water can be re-used longer.

The pump has an automatic control system. As soon as the waste water reaches a specific level in the lower tank, then the pump automatically starts and it pumps the water through the filter to the upper tank. The pump automatically stops when the water level reaches the minimum level in the lower tank.

The system stands on 4 rotating and lockable wheels, so it is very easy to move, but at the same time its position can be securely fixed.

FNV Mobil Tank will help you to:

  • Reduce necessary building construction cost

  • Save time by locating your cleaning machines close to your press

  • Save money on new press parts by having less chance to damage parts

  • Minimize press downtimes by having cleaning machines close to your press

  • Reduce labour input for cleaning

  • User friendly machine eliminate any ergonomic concerns

  • Reflect a more professional and more eco-friendly company image

Technical specifications

Features\Model FNV Mobil Tank
Machine dimensions [L x W x H] 720 x 520 x 1100 mm
Machine weight with empty tanks 54 kg
Capacity of liquid tanks 75 L
Standard pump capacity 16l/min
Connections Compressed air: 6-7 bar; 300 l/min

Designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Fully automatic operation and extra gentle cleaning process for all ink types
  • Long-lasting machine construction and minimal maintenance need
  • Low operation costs and eco-friendly cleaning
  • Time-saving plug ‘n play technology and user friendly system
    Can be used together with any brand of automatic cleaning machines which have open water-supply system

FNV Machinery also offers fully automatic cleaning machines for your aniloxes and/or various press parts and/or printing plates.
Ask FNV for a complete package offer to cover all your cleaning needs!