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Wide range of high quality, low odour and eco-friendly cleaning liquids for any cleaning needs

Environmental concern has become more and more important issue all over the World. Protecting the working and the surrounding (built and natural) environment has always been one of the most important viewpoints for FNV Machinery. We are committed to provide eco-friendly solutions for our customers in terms of machines as well as cleaning liquids.

Constantly high print quality and constantly high productivity can be achieved only if you make sure that your aniloxes, printing plates and other press parts are kept clean AND your press operators are focusing on printing, instead of cleaning various press parts for example. This can be helped by the use of an automatic cleaning SYSTEM. In case of automatic cleaning systems, an automatic cleaning machine (with proper construction and cleaning method) works together with the proper cleaning liquid.

  • All FNV machines have been designed and manufactured to meet the following requirements:

    • usage of environmentally friendly cleaning liquid
    • cleaning liquid always has to be filtered and recycled for re-use
    • minimal consumption of cleaning liquid
  • All FNV cleaning liquids have been especially developed to:

    • clean your press parts effectively; without any wear and tear;
    • clean all ink types in any kind of application without leaving any remaining ink
    • ensure better working conditions
    • minimize environmental impact
    • be harmless to all press- and cleaning machine-parts
    • be durable

FNV offers a wide range of cleaning liquids
for all kind of cleaning applications:

Application/Ink type General solution for all ink types (UV/WB/SB) For special UV or SB inks For special WB inks
Number of aniloxes to be cleaned simultaneously AniCleaner AniCleaner UV/SB AniCleaner WB
Max. total length of aniloxes (incl. shaft) PartsCleaner PartsCleaner UV/SB PartsCleaner WB
Max. diameter of aniloxes PlateCleaner PlateCleaner UV/SB PlateCleaner WB

Available packing:

FNV cleaning systems (machines and liquids together) will help you to:

  • Keep constantly high print quality by using 100% clean press parts at all time
  • Minimize press downtimes by keeping your press parts clean
  • Save time by reducing labour input for manual cleaning
  • Increase your cleaning productivity
  • Lengthen the lifetime of your press parts by applying a gentle cleaning process
  • Make a better working environment for your operators by using a safer cleaning process
  • User friendly machines eliminate any ergonomic concerns
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Reflect a more professional and more eco-friendly company image

FNV Machinery also offers fully automatic cleaning machines for your aniloxes and/or various press parts and/or printing plates.

Ask FNV for a complete package offer to cover all your cleaning needs!