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Full automatic anilox cleaning machine

AniClean is a fully automatic anilox cleaning machine, which can wash 2 or 4 aniloxes at the same time. It can be used for deep cleaning of anilox rollers/sleeves and for daily wash as well. The quick and gentle process cleans all ink types without wear or any damage on the anilox.

AniClean machines work with a cleaning method that is based on an eco-friendly cleaning liquid and high-pressure water. Thanks to this combination, this cleaning method is ideal for aniloxes with high line count too!

The applied cleaning process is very gentle to the aniloxes, so the machine is safely useable, meaning that your aniloxes can be cleaned as often as needed. AniClean has been especially developed to deep clean the cells quickly, effectively, without any wear and tear and without leaving any remaining ink in the anilox cells. The result is 100% clean aniloxes, ready to print.

AniClean series will help you to:

  • Keep constantly high print quality by using clean aniloxes which transfer the specified amount of ink

  • Save time by using a machine with fully automatic operation

  • Minimize press downtimes by keeping your aniloxes clean

  • Lengthen the lifetime of your aniloxes by applying gentle cleaning process

  • Make a better working environment for your operators by using a more safe cleaning process

  • Reflect a more professional and more eco-friendly company image

FNV provides a complete system solution:

Thanks to the 100% automatic washing process, there is no need for any additional manual step in the cleaning process!

Technical specifications

Features\Model AniClean S AniClean M
Number of aniloxes to be cleaned simultaneously 2 4 2 4
Max. total length of aniloxes (incl. shaft) 750 mm 350 mm 1400 mm 690 mm
Max. diameter of aniloxes Ø150 mm Ø150 mm Ø150 mm Ø150 mm
Max. weight of aniloxes 2 x 20 kg 4 x 15 kg 2 x 20 kg 4 x 15 kg
Max. cleaning length 550 mm 550 mm 1250 mm 1250 mm
Machine dimensions with open lid [L x W x H] 1.305 x 660 x 1.780 mm 1.934 x 660 x 1.780 mm

Designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Fully automatic operation and extra gentle cleaning process for all ink types
  • Long-lasting machine construction and minimal maintenance need
  • Low operation costs and eco-friendly cleaning
  • Time-saving plug ‘n play technology and user friendly system

Simple, quick and efficient cleaning process:

You only need to place your aniloxes into the machine, close the lid and push the desired program button to
start and then the machine does the rest of the job for you:

  1. Washing – pre-heated cleaning liquid is sprayed onto the surface of the rotating aniloxes
  2. Draining – cleaning liquid is drained back to the tank for re-use
  3. Rinsing – the aniloxes are washed with high pressure water
  4. Drying – high pressure air dries the aniloxes

The result is 100% clean aniloxes, ready to print.

Wide range of useful options and accessories:

  • sleeve adaptor – for cleaning of anilox sleeves
  • gear covers – to protect gears and bearings (prevent wash out of lubrication)
  • process indicator lamp – to visualize the actual status of the machine
  • extra pump – for emptying the liquid tank
  • Mobil Tank – to supply and recycle the rinse water

FNV Machinery also offers fully automatic cleaning machines for your various press parts and/or printing plates.
Ask FNV for a complete package offer to cover all your cleaning needs!