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FNV Machinery

The engineer founders of the company, with decades of experiences in the field of printing and packaging industries,
established FNV Machinery in 2011 with the intention to be a flexible, dynamic and reliable cleaning-technology supplier partner of companies
from the printing and flexible packaging industries.

Our mission is to supply excellent quality products, as well as to provide professional, quick and flexible services to our partners, and through this to assist them to prosper on the market and to grow their businesses. Your success means our success!

Just like in any other industry sectors, in our fast changing world the competition is continuosly getting bigger and stonger. Nowadays high quality print is standard, it is the basis for everything.

On the one hand, constantly high print quality can be achieved if your press parts (aniloxes, plates and other various press parts, such as ink trays, doctor blade holders, chambers, rubber rollers etc.) are clean at all time and your press operators are focusing on printing, instead of cleaning various press parts. This can be helped by the use of automatic automatic cleaning machines.

On the other hand, print technology has developed so much, that in our days high quality print means totally different than it meant some years ago. Nowadays high quality print means the application of HD (High Definition) graphic prepress, HD printing plates and HD aniloxes, of course besides having a nice press and focused printers with good knowledge. Obviously HD technology is lot more sensitive and also lot more expensive than analogue technology. For example there are lot smaller dots on the plates, which can get damaged easier and there are lot smaller sized cells on the anilox, which is more difficult to clean out. All this means that manual cleaning can not satisfy the cleaning needs of HD technology. The cleaning processes also have to develop to keep up with the development of the parts which has to be cleaned.

In our days, taking the aboves into consideration, it can be declared without taking to many risk, that high quality print can not be achieved cost-effectively if manual cleaning is applied, because manual cleaning:

  • less thorough, gentle and precize than automatic cleaning
  • consumes more cleaning liquid
  • can result damage of parts
  • takes the focus of the operators from printing
  • gives less cleaning productivity
  • can be very phisycal and tiring task for operators
  • result more environmental impact

As it was mentioned above, nowadays high quality print is standard, it is the basis for everything. Above than a certain level, printing companies are not competing against each other in terms of print quality. In addition to the standard perfect quality, printing houses has to offer something unique to get out of the rest. Unique in terms of design, substrates, customization, personalization, delivery, service, business conditions etc. According to our experiences printing houses have enough things to focus on, they have enough challanges to face with.

Cleaning is an essential job in terms of print quality and high productivity, which must be done properly on a regular basis. Proper and regular cleaning takes quite a lot of time, especially if you take this time away from other activities. At the same time cleaning is an iterative, monoton, always the same task which can be automated. Once it is automated, then the process can be more thorough, gentle and precize!

According to our philosophy, these kind of iterative, monoton, time consuming processes, such as cleaning, has to be automated. There are so many tasks and processes inside a printing company which can not be automated, where human intervention can not be excluded, but cleaning is not like this. At least cleaning should be something that printing houses should not spend their human resources for!

Due to these reasons, our main target is to supply professional and reliable cleaning technology system solutions for printing houses in order to remove the burden of cleaning from the shoulders of printers. We strongly believe that this way we can help printers the best way to improve the print quality and at the same time we also help to protect the environment better!

FNV Machinery


FNV Team is always ready to help you!

If you do, please contact our Service Department by e-mail at service@fnv.hu.
Please note that for easier and quicker assitance, we kindly ask you to provide the following information:

  • Machine model
  • Serial number
  • Year of production
  • Description of problem (photos and/or videos are well appreciated)
  • Needed spare part(s) (if known)
    Only use original spare parts and consumables from FNV Machinery!
    The useage of other spare parts and consumables can result safety hazards and damage of machine parts!



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